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Family Pharmacy. Expert Care.

What do we prescribe for peace of mind?



First, we engage with the physician to ensure the best possible solution for the patient. Not only for the specific condition, but also your insurance plan and budget. Second, we review the entire care plan to identify any drug interactions or contraindications. Third, we deliver medications at the right time, right in the comfort of home. Every delivery is secure, discreet and documented. 


We send automated reminders and notifications. We reduce or eliminate phone calls and faxes to and from the MD and patient, to expedite and simplify transactions overall.

For Workers’ Comp and No Fault cases, Avail will persist in getting the medications patients deserve. Proper medication management potentially reduces inappropriate medication use, ER visits and hospitalizations. 

FREE Delivery &

curbside service


available now

Medication Management facilitates collaboration among the pharmacist, patient and physician to ensure that a patient takes the correct medications in the correct dosages at the right times. 

Custom blister paks make keeping track of meds easy—no more bottles or pillboxes. 


Patients may suffer from health issues not properly addressed by mass produced pharmaceuticals. Avail will formulate innovative compounded medications to help overcome treatment obstacles. Avail offers customized treatment solutions for pain management, dentistry, pediatrics, dermatology and wound care, women’s health and veterinary services.

Cost Reduction.


Our proactive approach includes handling of prior authorization. We utilize copay assistance and funding programs to make supported medications available to patients who cannot afford them.

Bowne Chemists,
dba Avail™ Pharmacy

161-03 29th Ave

Flushing, NY 11358

Tel: 718-767-2400



Mon - Fri: 9 am - 6 pm

​​Saturday: 9am - 3 pm

​Sunday: Closed

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